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BEAUTIFY: Blemish be Gone

I don’t have perfect skin- I can admit that. I don’t have awful skin, but it’s not exactly the glowing air-brushed look you’d expect a beauty editor to have. Now you might think- but you have all the products to try; surely your skin is great? Think again. Using too many products at once actually irritates the skin. Plus chances are that the products aren’t being used often enough to truly make a difference. But it DOES mean that throughout my time on the beauty desk at Notion I have come across some skincare heroes which I shall now share to all out there who also struggle with there skin (especially when you’re way past teens…)


La Roche Posay: Effaclar Duo

The God. Sounds a bit dramatic but it really is that good. Plus it’s very easy to try since it’s such good value for money- less than a tenner! The second I run out of this I rush to the shops to get another. Since testing it a couple months ago it’s the one product I can’t do without. The gel consistency doesn’t irritate my combination skin like some oily creams do, and it doubles as a moisturiser. My skin has been smoother, more even and generally less annoying to look at in the mirror.


Dermalogica Clear Start: All Over Toner

The new Clear Start range from Dermalogica has been a gift from the heavens (wow I’m really heavy on the religious talk today). Although I’m already a big fan of Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming range, when I heard about Clear Start (aimed at teens, ahem) I had to give it a go. What’s different about this toner is that you spray it on like a mist, not an alcohol heavy clad cotton wool pad. It’s an easy extra step to my skincare routine which regulates the oil production in my skin. Simples.


Vichy Normaderm: Hyaluspot

If you want to be more specific about where you’re applying blemish care products, this is a great one. Plus you can apply it straight onto your skin, as the tube is shaped like a lipgloss. This is a good evening extra, even though you can apply it in the morning too should you wish. I found this useful for when I’ve had a breakout and I need to clear specific spots rather than just generally maintaining clear skin.


Magnitone Pulsar

My most recent addition to my skincare routine, and I love it. The Magnitone Pulsar is the answer to all my exfoliating dreams. Not as harsh as it looks on the skin, in fact the total opposite. I have very sensitive skin- even using an exfoliator with actual bits in is a no-no for me. There’s different settings if you want a slightly stronger pressure or more of a massage. I use it once or twice a week for a deep cleanse. It also has a different brush head if you want to use it on your body, PLUS you can use it in the shower. All praise.



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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