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Pact Coffee: Get it While it’s Hot!

Last fall, during a quick East Coast (of America) wander, I found myself with a bit of time to kill while visiting NYC. I had an hour or two before I caught the coach back to Boston (my home) I figured that I would grab some quick stimulation for the ride- I had just purchased season one of Breaking Bad and I wanted to be able to stay awake to tear into it. It is not hard to find coffee in NYC, as it is home to about a million self advertised “world’s best cup of coffee.” I bought a cup of “world’s best”… it tasted as if someone had heated up a pile of dirt and added a drop of expired milk. Mmmm. I spit it out in a glorious temper tantrum. I need good coffee not dirt; I’m not ashamed of my problem. If you’re like me, then be proud as well. Stand up – don’t be scared.

My addiction has made me a bit of a coffee expert, and in turn I am up on the game-the game of coffee. It has come to my attention that coffee prices are sky rocketing. Soon we’ll be paying the same price for a cup of steamy stimulant, as we do for our commute into work. It’s scary. Thank goodness then, for the lovely people at Pact Coffee, because they have opened up their hearts and their grounds to us here at Planet Notion. Through this beautiful partnership, Planet Notion readers (yes,you!), get your first 250g bag of fresh Pact Coffee for just £1. This means you’re saving £5.95 on the regular price. Oh, my Lorde. It’s so cheap, it should be illegal

To receive your first batch of coffee for just £1, head over to Pact Coffee this week and enter voucher code “NOTION” at the checkout. No need to thank us. We do this because, we’re proud of our caffeine craze.



- Caroline Murphy

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