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winter skin tackle dry heat cold

BEAUTIFY: Seasonal Skincare Saviours

We do love a tad of alliteration. But we don’t like winter skin, in fact no one likes the winter, especially your skin. You know the drill: the temperature drops and suddenly you’ve got a sallow, dry complexion staring back at you in the mirror.

So why does our skin freak out when winter hits? Here comes the science part: extreme cold from the outdoors and extreme heat from indoors (think stifling central heating and elongated steaming showers) are both key aggressors which cause the proteins in our skin cells to deteriorate and the lipids that bind them together to break down. Thus resulting in a weakened skin barrier that allows vital water to be lost and skin to become parched.

What can you do? There are a plethora of moisture boosting remedies out there, but BEAUTIFY have curated a selection of targeted treatments to prevent Jack Frost from nipping at your nose… and the rest of your face, of course.

winter skin tackle dry heat cold

Face Masks

Before applying a face mask always prepare your skin by exfoliating first. Bioderma’s Hydrabio Gentle Exfoliating Cream is the ideal starting point to buff away dead skin cells and prime skin for optimum absorption of further products.

Give your visage an intensive and lasting dose of hydration with Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Masque which not only provides instant moisturisation, but also contains almond and jojoba oil to reinforce the skin barrier and prevent further water loss.

Clayspray’s Glow Red Clay with Cacoa Masque is another instant beautifier and targets any dull skin build-up and fights off damaging free radicals that can break through depleted skin fats.

Try extending the benefits of a concentrated brightening remedy by applying Filorga’s Meso Mask Cream not just to your face but smooth over the eye contours and neck too. Inspired by mesotherapy – non-surgical cosmetic treatment –this collagen-enhancing and irritant-soothing wonder needs 15-30 minutes to work its magic.

winter skin tackle dry heat cold


Kick start your moisture-mission with a priming serum.

Go organic with Orico London’s Transcend Marine Radiance Serum to achieve deep-down hydration and visible illumination. Or an old-favourite you can always rely on is Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Serum which combines three types of Hyaluronic Acid that provide a rush of hydration for the epidermis and kick start those flagging skin cells back into defensive action.

winter skin tackle dry heat cold


A rich, cushiony moisturiser is a winter skincare essential so this trio of recommended potions were no-brainers.

For a natural approach, try slathering on Willow Organic Beauty’s Advanced Intense Repair Cream both morning and night, and allow the oil-infused formula to heal any inflammations and nourish skin back to a radiant glow.

If your skin is not only dry but sensitive then SkinCeuticals’ Emollience is the ideal restorative cream. Whilst its texture may seem heavy this sinks effortlessly into skin for all-day moisture maintenance.

Finally, for those looking for an anti-ageing option for the colder months, look no further than Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream. The crucial ingredients of Copper PCA and Calcium PCA are two essential minerals that maintain skin’s collagen and moisture levels and prevent deterioration elasticity, respectively.

There you have it – no matter what your skin type, you are ready to put your best face forward this winter.

winter skin tackle dry heat cold


Words – Kate Allen

Photography- Emma Hoareau

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