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NOFAYs 2013: Michael Lewin – Editor

Welcome to The NOFAYs 2013: The Notion Office’s Favourite (note: not ‘Best’) Albums of the Year, our take on the now-ubiquitous end-of-year list.

We don’t normally partake in the monotonous routine of compiling EOY lists, made with the intent of bragging about a b-side that no one has ever heard about. However, this year is different, because we felt like we should give you a hint of some of the albums that had been circulating the office stereo for the best part of, well, every day. Some to the point that we are collectively singing the intro before the track has even started playing. Kind of like the uplifting cafeteria sing-a-long in a (not the) high school musical, only with four grown men who really liked Yeezus. (Except Seb, who recently called Mr. West “Kim K after she swallowed a thesaurus.”) Now, that doesn’t mean that we are going to bore you with words-on-words-on-words about albums that were reviewed the first time round. Instead, we are just going to let you know why they received more plays than a teenage fangirl who just received #Bangerz, which *SPOILER ALERT*: didn’t make it onto any of our lists.

Oh right, now for the lists. Emerging from a constant state of Tegan and Sara fanboying, we have the online penmanship of our editor, Michael Lewin…

Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob
This is the best album of the year 2013.

Charli XCX – True Romance
This is the best album of the year 2013 that is not by Tegan and Sara.

Kanye West – Yeezus
This is the most ridiculous album of the year 2013. It is brilliant. Who wants to live in a world without Kanye? Not me.

Tirzah / Micachu – I’m Not Dancing EP
This EP contains the song, ‘I’m Not Dancing’, which is the best song of the year 2013. Also, as we are all aware, Micachu can literally do no wrong, no matter how weird she gets. They were also one of the best things I’ve seen live this year, Tirzah a mournful Peckham Goth swaying gently behind the mic and Mica grinning like a Dickensian urchin in North Face every time she found a groove.

Rhye – Woman
This is probably the most melancholy album of the year, a very late February sort of an album where you make your peace with the fact there will only ever be endless winter and cold and resign yourself to enjoying it while a sharp wind slaps your face. But then it’s spring.

Bill Callahan – Dream River
This is an album by Bill Callahan and therefore I have obviously played it more than most records, because Bill Callahan is like whisky.

Ghosts of Venice Disco Summer Mix
I’ve just played this loads and can’t not put it on a list which is ostensibly a list of the things I’ve played most. Disco!

Notion Magazine Mix by Ghosts Of Venice on Mixcloud

Katy Perry – Prism
This is the only not-disappointing album by a global female popstar in the year 2013, and contains the song ‘Roar’.

Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time
Let’s be honest, this had car crash written all over it and then Sky released You’re Not The One which is the best indie song from the 90s anyone has ever heard. Somehow, she made exactly the album she should make – a throwback grunge record filled with pop hooks. It’s really good. Well done, Sky Ferreira.

John Wizards – John Wizards
This quite bonkers album by a South African multi-instrumental genius will make anyone 27% happier than they were before they heard it.

- Michael Lewin!

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