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Video Premiere: $inful with NYMPHA’s new $in City Collection

Following the long awaited photo campaign for NYMPHA’s new collection $IN CITY, we present you a super hot video from the very talented film makers Jack Wells, Sam Hiscox & Maddie McNicholas. This video to me is like a  Fear and Loathing but for the seriously stylish and seriously hip. It’s like a dream- full of sin and lust. I love it.

The video stars wild and beautiful Pippa Holland and Billy Huxley. I do love a man with a nice beard. So holler Huxley, holler. Holland and Huxley are dressed up in love by the style queen David Motta, with the hair to die for by Oskar Pera Moreno and the seductive make up by Bunny Hazel Clarke… look at those lips.

Make sure you are sitting down for this video, because you will feel like you’re dreaming and we don’t need you falling over and hurting yourself:

Photo Credit: Louie Banks

- Caroline Murphy

Get $inful with the $in City collection: here

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