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NOFAYs 2013: James Embiricos – Certified Rock$tar

Welcome to The NOFAYs 2013: The Notion Office’s Favourite (note: not ‘Best’) Albums of the Year, our take on the now-ubiquitous end-of-year list.

We don’t normally partake in the monotonous routine of compiling EOY lists, made with the intent of bragging about a b-side that no one has ever heard about. However, this year is different, because we felt like we should give you a hint of some of the albums that had been circulating the office stereo for the best part of, well, every day. Some to the point that we are collectively singing the intro before the track has even started playing. Kind of like the uplifting cafeteria sing-a-long in a (not the) high school musical, only with four grown men who really liked Yeezus. (Except Seb, who recently called Mr. West “Kim K after she swallowed a thesaurus.”) Now, that doesn’t mean that we are going to bore you with words-on-words-on-words about albums that were reviewed the first time round. Instead, we are just going to let you know why they received more plays than a teenage fangirl who just received #Bangerz, which *SPOILER ALERT*: didn’t make it onto any of our lists.

Taking a hold of the Thursday reins is our right-swiping, Disclosure-griping writer extraordinaire, James Embiricos.

Kanye West – Yeezus (obviously)
Kanye is the GOAT and this album is another reminder of why. The best hip-hop album in a year overflowing with ad-libs. Something about the ‘Bound 2′ video and how the Black Skinhead is re-appropriating American culture. How?! Sway!

Danny Brown – Old
The second best hip-hop album of 2013. Danny Brown successfully managed to release a full-length that doesn’t make you sigh at every canine scream, bewitched cackle or saliva-spraying “check” (or is it church?). Also, the only record that deserved two sides and thus, two vocalised sides to Danny B’s personality.

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap
The best mixtape of 2013. I still have that ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ loop stuck in my head.

[Side note: Despite Pusha T’s constant attempt to say he had AOTY - and before the album dropped I was ready to believe him - these are the top 3. Sorry Push, MNIMN probably comes in at number 5 (after Goblin).]

Okay, now we have that sorted… Here is a list of non-hip-hop albums to try and convince y’all that I don’t spend my whole life trying to act like A$AP Rocky (whose album probably falls to the lower end of a hip-hop top 10). Peso.

King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
I heard that it was cool to like King Krule and something about Zoo Kid and his hip-hop projects to assert my started-from-the-bottom knowledge bombs. Marshall also manages to wax poetic about the streets of London with a generational slur unmatched since the likes of Jamie T and WPSIATWIN, which is also the acronym for the debut Cold Primate record.

Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe
Dev Hynes, obviously. When I first reviewed this record I called it ‘an album that blends years of musical metamorphosis into his most complete portrayal of genre polygamy.’ I like that use of a thesaurus so much that I thought it deserved a re-up.

Deerhunter – Monomania
Guitar music isn’t dead, it’s just being fronted by bands that have been on the circuit since Nickelback reminded us of rock n’ roll’s impending doom.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest
This album is the reason that I was able to complete my dissertation. A type-inducing combination of progressive electronica and vocal-limited psalms, best served with a can of red bull and a bar of Snickers.

<3 Sky Ferreira <3 – Night Time, My Time
An album that has been (deservedly) force-fed through the office stereo by the only person that might like this grunge-pop spectacular more than me.

Tor Y Moi – Anything in Return
Listen to this album on the London Underground while imagining a weird outer-body music video, starring yours truly. After you have awkwardly caught the eyes of fellow commuters, go back and listen to ‘Harm In Charge’. Complete these steps until you have reached your destination. In fact, you should just listen to this album whenever you leave the house.

Peace – In Love
Summer album, amirite?

- James Embiricos

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