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EP Review: dotSTRIPE – Make A Wish

Act Natural Records has always been a reliable source for clued up DJs and house loving punters over the ages. Regardless of whether it’s scrupulously produced downtempo or classy dancefloor fare, their releases always leave you yearning for more, thanks in the main to the label’s refusal to be pigeonholed. Here they turn to dotSTRIPE for the next EP, as the emerging German lines up a four-track offering that’s deep and delicious, and full of lovely hidden crevices that are very much worth getting lost in.

First up is ‘About Mary’, a subtle, rubbery, heads down house shuffler that’s great for warming crowds through during these chilly winter nights. Perfect, indeed, for this time of year. The matter of fact-ly entitled ‘Jazz’ is actually not that jazzy, but instead is a delightfully stripped back bit of deep, driven house with plenty of feeling despite its minimal elements. For me, it’s the choicest pick of the bunch.

Make A Wish then gets a little more rugged and squelchy, leaning into more metallic aesthetics but retaining a great sense of infectious micro funk. Finally, ‘Then It Happened’ follows much the same pattern as the first three cuts in that it is a bit of fad free, supple deep house for the heads. An EP that’s full of wonderment from beginning to end.

- Dan Mac

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