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EP Review: Winter Son – Here Is a Ghost

Winter Son’s latest EP, Here Is a Ghost, is perhaps more suited to Halloween than the festive season with its eerie paranormal theme and spectral soundscapes.

Having clearly taken inspiration from the horror movies that shaped his youth, Winter Son, aka Manchester’s Thomas Ragsdale, has created two original tracks that are all about the building of suspense to breaking point before relaxation takes hold in the drop.

Title track ‘Here Is A Ghost’ is a good example of up-tempo house; with a repetitive build of 80s-style drum machines that without warning give way to muffled bass beats and subtle quirks. It speeds and plateaus with the journey, racking up the tempo at the right points but also taking surprising turns throughout its course.

‘Almost a Phantom’, meanwhile, is a slower, gentler affair but by no means less foreboding. It’s a gothic and ghoulish number with distorted samples and eerie whispers playing out in the distance. The melody echoes around a steady dry beat making it a much softer approach to macabre music than the EP’s opening titular track.

Winter Son as himself, moonlights as a TV and film composer and its on Here Is a Ghost that his two musical worlds combine, ensuring that his music not only makes for climactic listening but also tells a narrative that leaves you chilled to the bone.

- Sarah Joy

The Here Is a Ghost EP is out now via This Is It Forever.

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