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In Focus: The Parting Glass

Whisky, as you will surely be aware, is a proper drink. To stereotype: it’s an adult’s drink, and to order it at a bar demonstrates a knowledge and connoisseurship that is likely to surprise and impress your drinking buddies. Seriously, try it; we’ve been doing just that over the past few months and the reactions are priceless.

And you know what else is unexpected? [Ed: Slick segue there, nice work] That’d be the ending to Tullamore D.E.W.’s new short film, ‘The Parting Glass’. It sets the whole thing up as a rather melancholy and tbh a bit emotional, but then, like ordering a good slug of whisky from your local barkeep in the company of friends, it comes with a great reaction and a fantastic ending.

It’s also beautifully-filmed, which is the really what keeps us entertained. And the hot bearded guy helps too. Give it a spin below and escape to the land of whisky for a couple of minutes.

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