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BEAUTIFY: Warm yourself up

Yep. It’s January, it’s cold and everything seems greyer than grey- including your mood. Best way to pick yourself up? Don’t be grey! In a literal sense, I mean. Now’s the time of the year to learn how to ‘do’ being pale- which means warming up your skin tone with some of our beauty favourites.


First up: that skin of yours has become see-through. The answer: James Read’s Sleep Mask Tan, £25, which as the name would suggest, is a miracle overnight cream gel product that you apply before going to sleep, wipe off any excess in the morning and tadaaah: not see through. (And not orange either, I’d like to add).

Next up is pre-make-up make up. Sorry to say, but yes that’s a thing. New to the Notion favourite pile is the Shimmering Skin Perfector, £33, from Becca. Luckily, it’s less ‘shimmering’ and more ‘glowing’. It acts as a great base or primer and adds that extra luminous glow to your skin that winter can so often take away. Alternatively, opt for Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser in Illuminating, £33- which gives you a natural, even skin tone.


Once you’ve applied your favourite foundation- it’s time to add some actual colour! NARS is a fool-proof choice for blusher, a bright pink can be applied lightly to give you that English rose flushed cheeks, or opt for a sunnier look with a MAC bronzing powder, £20.


Lastly, add some reflection. Nothing says ‘dull’ like a flat skin tone. Bring out the pink in your tone with Superdry’s Highlighter, £12 or a gold tone with Transformulas Hydration Gold, £41.95 which can both be applied over foundation and blush between the end of you brow and the apple of your cheek. By blending into the rest of your make up, not only do you look super awake but there’s a je-ne-sais-quoi to the way light reflects off you cheeks.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau


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