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Joyrich x Maripol in London this January

Los Angeles based label Joyrich have teamed up with fashion legend Maripol for an exciting collaboration coming to London this month. The collection will have a dedicated room within the exclusive Machine-A boutique in Soho from January 6th until the end of month, with the store’s entire frontage to be taken over by selections from the collaboration. With so much reversion to late 80s/early 90s fashion going on at the moment, it will be fascinating to see how a collaboration with an original style icon of the era goes down. Maripol is famous for having held sway over some of the most iconic artists of her time; Grace Jones, Madonna, Blondie, D’Angelo, and Luther Vandross—to name just a few!

This collection with Joyrich is a more intimate collaboration than the accessories collection produced for Marc by Marc Jacobs, continuing Joyrich’s supremacy in street-wear design. Heavily-laden with self-referencing photos (why not when it’s Maripol?), the bum bag, rucksack, varsity jacket, and puffa jacket below are guaranteed to be a hit amongst celebrity urban music artists the world over; from London to Los Angeles. It’s tough to nail this kind of aesthetic at the moment (if only because the market for this kind of design is currently over-saturated), but the Joyrich x Maripol collaboration has an authenticity and mastery over the style that it’s impossible to deny: this collection stands far above the crowd.


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