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Track Premiere: RÜFÜS – ‘Desert Night’ (DE$iGNATED Remix)

To say that ‘Desert Night‘, the first single from Australia’s RÜFÜS to see a UK release, is a fitting introduction to the Antipodean electro-pop trio would be one hell of an understatement. The track’s sea of twinkling synths dazzle with all the glistening light of a starry sky on the darkest of Outback nights, while vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist’s solemn, reverb-laden calls of, “I’m alright. Look at me now,” conjure up its inherent loneliness perfectly.

For all the original’s nocturnal beauty, it’s still underpinned by a seriously danceable trait that lurks just beneath its serene surface: a quality exemplified by the trio’s house-laced beats. On their remix of the track, South London production duo DE$iGNATED take ‘Desert Night”s more club-friendly faculties and run with them all the way to the end zone, propelling proceedings forward with blasts of sub-bass, chopped and skewed vocals, and beats whose very existence hangs on a knife edge. A thrilling modification on an already sublime cut.

- Alex Cull

‘Desert Night’ is available from February 24 on Columbia, with their debut album ATLAS to see a full UK release later this year.

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