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Groomed: Get the #LCM look with Fudge Hair

There were loads of amazing looks over the three days of London Collection: Men. I was lucky enough to get to be backstage for many of the shows thank to the guys at Fudge Hair. I had an absolute blast with the Fudge crew and it was great to see the looks being implemented. I’ve chosen some of my favourite looks to show you, and I’ll guide you on how to get the look yourself.

I’ll be looking at both Fudge Hair and Fudge Urban products – Fudge Urban is Fudge’s cheaper, more consumer driven products while Fudge hair is a higher end, salon style line.

Look one: Lou Dalton – The 90s throwback

For AW14, Lou Dalton went back to the land and took inspiration from the working clothes of the farmhands she remembers from her youth. The denim was bleached out and the cottons were washed. For the hair, under the watchful eyes of head stylist Naoki Komiya, the models channelled a 90s vibe with sleek off-centre partings and messy fronts, or, for longer-haired models, pulled forward and textured.

To achieve the look for yourself, follow Fudge’s easy three-step system.

1. Spritz Fudge Urban Sea Salt on dry hair to create a dusty look.

2. Then run through Fudge Urban 3-in-1 Miracle Moisture Stuff to make the hair look a little dirtier and greasier. Hand-mould the shape.

3. Finish by spraying lightly with the Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla hairspray.

Look two: Sibling – The pudding bowl

The Sibling AW14 offering took on a palette of coal-blacks, grey berry and arsenic – inspired by workwear silhouettes finished with the signature Sibling twist. For the hair, the style team, lead by Syd Hayes, took it old school with the classic bowl cuts your mamma used to give you, but given a contemporary update (thank God).


Get the look:

1. Ensure the sides of the hair are short when creating this modern twist on the ‘bowl cut.’ (I highly recommend you seek a hair professional when it comes to cutting – I am not responsible for anything you try and do to yourself or your friend who “cuts her boyfriends hair all the time”).

2. Focus on the fringe and apply Salt Spray to create a dry texture (this is the upmarket Fudge Hair version with added UV protection and Pro Vitamin B). Apply to the roots of your hair and work in with fingers.

3. Use hair straighteners to lengthen and straighten the fringe.

4. Use Textures Dry Vintage Clay all over the hair to create a gritty, dry effect. Make sure you rub the clay all over your fingers and on the tips then scratch it in to get it all the way to the root.

5. Finish with Fudge Membrane Gas hairspray to set for a strong finish.

             Look three: A. Sauvage – Orphan Warrior

For AW14 the House of Sauvage presented rich velevet smoking jackets and anarchist prints for grown up city boy mods and punks. In contrast to the slick tailoring, for the hair Head Stylist Bianca Tuovi wanted to work with each boy’s individuality; they didn’t want any generic-looking pretty boys. The added braids, Bianca wanted to “bring back the rats tail,” took inspiration from Eddie Murphy in ‘Coming to America’ and tough street guys who aren’t trendy or style conscious.  The hair was to involve lots of texture, look sweaty and gritty.


A matte effect was created for each wild look using Fudge Hair Dry Shampoo, Matte Head, Salt Spray and Ends – these were all mixed in together before massaging into the scalp and creating that gritty, messy texture by hand to suit each models own appearance.

To finish each look, Fudge Head Shine was used to create super shiny roots, contrasting to the super-matte texture through the ends.

Which look was your favourite?  Let me know on Twitter

- Neil Thornton
Fudge Urban is available to buy at Superdrug stores, Superdrug.com and Fudge.com


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