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BOTW Moodboard: East India Youth

With his much-anticipated debut album, Total Strife Forever, finally seeing release this week, London-via-Bournemouth’s William Doyle – aka East India Youth – has drawn upon a smorgasbord of inspirations; from Brian Eno to Detroit techno, from Radiohead to Sufjan Stevens‘ sprawling The Age of Adz. It’s the byproduct of the record’s lengthy birthing process, Doyle attributes Total Strife Forever’s dazzling eclecticism to the array of influences he was exposed to over the 18 months he was developing, writing and recording the album.

We couldn’t help but want to delve a little deeper beneath Total Strife Forever’s immaculate surface to understand more about what truly makes Doyle tick, whether that be the importance of smart attire and minimalist Estonian composer Arvo Pärt to his live show or the puzzling love affair he shares with custard creams.

But first, here’s Total Strife Forever’s lofty centrepiece ‘Heaven, How Long’. You can read Doyle’s moodboard in full below:

1. Record Shops
“All that vinyl. A lot of it you’ve never heard of. Some of it may change your life completely. The best place to discover things and carve new directions for yourself.”

2. Tie Knots
“A lot of people might think wearing a nice shirt and tie on stage is a bit affected, but actually I’ve been wearing shirts and ties and jackets for a long time. It’s not really stage wear to me. Makes me feel comfortable to perform in and I think it’s important to have a strong look on stage.”

3. Arvo Pärt
“An Estonian composer. A huge influence on the sound of the album. I’ve also been using his piece ‘Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten‘ as walk-on music for gigs.”

4. London Docklands
“I wrote parts of the album while living in East India, in London’s Docklands – hence the name.”

5. Brian Eno

“Brian Eno’s whole approach to music and his creative philosophies have helped shape the way I make music. Another Green World is one of my most favourite of his albums and was also a huge influence on my album.”

6. Beer
“A good beer will always keep one relaxed and in a decent state for performance. (Drink Responsibly).”

7. Korean Cinema
“I’ve recently been watching a lot of Korean film, especially over Christmas…”

8. Andrew Salgado
“A brilliant portrait painter. I looked at his work a lot while making the album and his style definitely influenced the cover painting.”



10. Custard Creams
“I’ve devoured an unhealthy amount of these in the last 2 years. They’re not even that nice.”

- Alex Cull

Total Strife Forever is available now on Stolen Recordings. You can buy it here.

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