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Review: Doos – Hookers & Dips (Svogue)

Svogue Muziq is a label with bases in Barcelona and London. How apt then, that their raison d’etre is seriously eclectic, with producers from various sounds and scenes all accommodated under one umbrella. The latest such heroes to step up to the Svogue mantle are South African duo Doos, who, in spite of their relatively sparse production outlay, create music that would seem to suggest a long history behind the production desk.

Matters kick off on their debut outing for Svogue thanks to the title track, the brilliantly titled ‘Hookers & Dips.’ While we’re not sure of the thinking behind that one, what we can state with some assurance is that this is music of some flair, with numerous twists, turns and hidden crevices lying underneath. As unpredictable as it is enticing, it drags us down a path that’s fraught with uptempo dancefloor appeal. Watch as this one raises smiles and arms on the floor.

Next up on the two-tracker is the ever-so-slightly more subdued, ‘Need You.’ Again, the kicks are fierce, but this time it’s the harmonious melodies and the uplifting piano lines that dominate proceedings. The male vocalist sings like a calling to arms too, as it practically forces us to get on down. The DJ looking to make an impression is sure to lap up everything that’s on offer here.

-Dan Mac
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