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Review: Fabio Effe – Pump (SSOH)

Paris based label SSOH has long been considered a bastion for upfront house music, but even by their lofty standards, the Pump EP definitely sees them break radically with tradition. The EP in question comes thanks to Italian up-and-comer Fabio Effe; an individual, it seems, whose knack for a party-starting jam could well endear him to many in 2014.

Indeed, in spite of his relative youth and an admittedly sparse production outlay, the title track bears all the hallmarks of a producer who’s spent a long time in the game. The influences at least are obvious, and with this one crafted on a heady, jacking tone, it’s not difficult to define them with exactly. That said, ‘Pump’ is a delicious track in its own right; not just because of its brazen drums and the clever way they’re programmed out (for ultimate effect we might add), but also because of its glistening, canny melodies, its effervescent kicks, and a vague electro edge that really helps spice it up. The not-so-subtle, sporadic vocal charge meanwhile, proves the cherry on top.

-Dan Mac
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