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Eyes Without a Face

Experiemental production company Punchdrunk have teamed with the British Film Institute to screen the classic French-Italian horror flick Eyes Without a Face on the set of The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable; a co-production between Punchdrunk and the National Theatre. Part of the intricate set design for The Drowned Man includes a 1960s style working cinema—the perfect setting for the BFI’s ongoing Gothic project. In fact, the old fashioned Hollywood cinema is already billed as showing the film Eyes Without A Face!


Directed by Georges Franju, Eyes Without A Face is the story of a brilliant, obsessive doctor who goes to terrifying lengths in his attempts at performing radical plastic surgery on his daughter after a car accident leaves her disfigured. Once described as ‘the most horrid horror film you could fear to see’ by the Financial Times, it is now recognised as a major influence on the gothic genre. Seven people were reported to have fainted during the film’s first showing at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1960…


Eyes Without A Face
Screenings: Sunday 26 January 2014, 11.15am (doors open 11am) & 1.30pm (doors open 1.15pm)
Location: Temple Studios, 31 London Street, W2 1DJ.
Tickets: £15, or £50 for film & show package
Box Office or 0207 452 3000

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