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Luca Lozano & Mr.Ho – Dobb Meep/Different Circles (Disc Over Music)

Lest you’ve not encountered its many charms yet, Disc Over Music is the new label helmed by British DJ/producer Tim Green. While the early signs were more than auspicious (not least thanks to the work of Green himself), the label’s latest party trick confirms their reputation as a label of some repute, as the shrewdly chosen duo of Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho step up to the plate with some distinction.

The EP in question is the double A-sided Dobb Meep/Different Circles, an effort that brings us on a roller-coaster ride and tugs at the emotional side of the spectrum right from the get-go. Leading us down this merry path to begin with is ‘Dobb Meep’; a track, presumably, that’s titled in homage to a certain New York rapper. Speculation aside, this is an intricate number of some distinction, with its elongated basslines and its many glistening synths a perfect antidote to the colder climes aside. Stuffed full of clever chords, it’s a druggy, trippy track that’s best suited to the weirder or more peak-time part of the night.

Tim Green himself then lends the track a whole new dimension, with his gregarious, drum-filled, and sprightly take on the original; very much indicative of Green at his multifaceted, multilayered best. It’s sumptuous stuff, and it neatly paves the way for the B-side, where the DJ tool ‘Different Circles’ steals the show. Dark and atmospheric yet filled with various hidden nooks and crannies, it’s the sort of track that’s definitely worth getting lost in on the dancefloor. Closing matters soon after is Nicson, who calls on a series of drums for his culminating effort. The most ‘tech-house’ of the lot, it’s still a track that’s crafted on a deliciously crafty and discerning tip. Good work all around.

-Dan Mac

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