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Track Premiere: Lover Lover – ‘Lakeshore Line’ (Bright Light Bright Light remix)

In every thing from its four-to-the-floor beat to the pulsating bass that thunders forthright throughout, Wales-via-London vocalist Bright Light Bright Light‘s remix of Lover Lover‘s ‘Lakeshore Line‘ screams of perpetual motion. It serves as a perfect extended realisation of the track’s nomadic theme, which the latter’s Eleanor Bodenham described as being, “about surrendering yourself to movement – perhaps running away from a feeling of having fucked things up in the place you’ve come from or simply just not knowing what else you can do except keep moving.”

That’s exactly the mood that Bright Light Bright Light’s Rod Thomas conjures up with his gallant reworking; it’s rich with the romance of finding yourself in a new place surrounded by boundless opportunities to create a new take on yourself. Every galloping synth marking a chance to find a new adventure or love, or as Bodenham herself puts it on ‘Lakeshore Line’: “I make my best friends these days out of people I don’t know.”

- Alex Cull

Lover Lover’s There Is a Place, which features ‘Lakeshore Line’ in its original guise, is available now on Cross Keys Records. You can buy it here.

Check back later this week for an exclusive exploration of There Is a Place’s ten tracks with Lover Lover’s Eleanor Bodenham.

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