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BEAUTIFY: New for 2014

Yes, yes we know: it’s 2014. It’s a new year let’s be healthy/ blah blah and all that. However, the best thing about a new year for me, is there is often many new launches to look forward to- and each year the launches get more and more exciting due to more and more technology or research being put into new beauty products. These are the ones I’m particularly excited about this year.

new fresh beauty products black tea eye cream radiance lotus

Two new launches from Fresh; firstly the a Black Tea eye concentrate- out now- specially formulated to diminish and prevent the signs of aging- all thanks to the power of caffeine. (In fact, the brains behind this cream discovered it’s power by putting black-tea infused ice cubes on his eyes every morning- one to DIY at home this weekend!). In February, the new addition to the Lotus Youth range will be the Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion, as a lighter more serum like partner to the Lotus Youth face cream. The best way to grab some Fresh in London is to head to their beautiful Marylebone store.


Radical Radiance: One of our favourite skincare brands (and sister duo) Radical Skincare, which pioneers 300% more potency of antioxidants in their products (yes THREE HUNDRED PERCENT) are launching two new products this year to their exclusive range. The Multi Brightening Serum has to be used to be believed- within two weeks I started noticing a change to my skin. Gone was winter dullness and I actually looked alive again with a more even skintone! You’ll have to wait till May to get your hands on it- so in the mean time check out our other Radical favourite.

Hair Hero: Bumble and bumble have done it again: invented something I didn’t know I needed but now can’t love without. The new Pret-a-Powder is a mix between dry shampoo a volumiser, and a style-keeper. What’s most novel though, is that unlike it’s competitors you don’t have to shake it onto your roots, rather, you squeeze the bottle and a poof! of product (i.e. just the right amount) will come out! Perfect for throwing in your bag if you’re in a rush. £21.50

Blue Orbit: If you’ve ever used Perricone MD products; you’ll know just how great they are. One of my go-to Perricone MD products is Blue Plasma, a non-acidic daily peel that helps you get shun dead skin cells. That’s why I couldn’t quite contain my excitement when I was introduced to the new Blue Plasma Orbital, £53- which essentially does creates the same outcome as Blue Plasma, but this one is gentle enough to use around your eyes. It does this by only attacking skin cells that are dead (and therefore doesn’t cause irritation) and hydro-fuses with the skins water to re-balance hydration.


Bleached Out: Say goodbye to dry, dyed hair that gets oily far too fast. Bleach London’s new range includes a Reincarnation Mask (which magically turns any dry ends into soft ones), a Split Fix Serum, to prevent split ends and an Everyday Dry Shampoo, that you can use to add volume and grit to your newly soft hair. At £6 each you can’t go wrong!



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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