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BOTW Premiere: Clean Bandit – ‘Rather Be’ (Royal-T Remix)

Taken in its original guise, Clean Bandit‘s ‘Rather Be‘ already had one foot firmly placed in the world of vintage, throwback garage. With his remix however, ascendant grime producer – and Rinse affiliate – Royal-T drops us in at the deep end immediately. Eschewing the celestial strings that introduce the London four-piece’s original, the Southampton-born beatmaker gets straight to the punch, bombarding the listener with waves of 2-step beats and warping those strings into little pockets of air that flutter upwards throughout.

What Royal-T doesn’t circumvent though, is ‘Rather Be”s gooey pop centre. Here, he keeps the track’s melodic core largely intact, choosing instead to add a fresh sense of propulsion that ably carries the remix over all those lofty pop peaks. It’s a sublime take and one that just might be up there with Clean Bandit’s stellar source material.

- Alex Cull

‘Rather Be’ is available now on Atlantic Records. You can buy it here.

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