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#LCM AW14: Backstage at Lee Roach

Here at Notion we strive to bring you #thetruth, and we believe that a healthy dose of transparency will do just that. What could be better than an invitation to dissect a fashion show? Our photographers pinned the LC:M shows to the table so that we could all better understand the mechanics of fashion. This time, Conor Clinch gives us a unique glimpse into the reality behind the curtain at Lee Roach…

Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-01 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-02 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-03 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-05 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-06 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-07 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-09 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-12 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-15 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-16 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-17 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-21 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-23 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-24 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-25 Lee-Roach-LCM-AW14-26

Images: Conor Clinch
Lee Roach

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