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Absolut Karnival

Selfridges will be stocking an exclusive bottle of Absolut from tomorrow; a passion fruit and orange blossom spirit with the spirit of the carnival. Brazilian graphic novelist, Rafael Grampá, has been comissioned with transforming the bottle designs to reflect the excitement of Latin America’s most iconic form of celebration.

The resulting designs features a cast of colourful characters parading around the bottle: a dog dressed up as a rooster, a young man wearing the head of an old man (◐◞౪◟◑’)┐, a blue-faced giant, a beautiful “Queenfish,” and a character Grampá dubs “The Freedom Knight” ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ … a typical festivalgoer who fights taboos and prejudice with joy and music.


“When Absolut asked me to collaborate on Absolut Karnival, I saw it as an opportunity to express my love of a festival that lets everyone be free and equal,” says Rafael Grampá. “In Carnival, everyone celebrates together. There is a beautiful, unique and uncontrollable feeling that our differences can be put behind us. We become aware of our own power to change ourselves and the world.”

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