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Get the LCM Look with Bumble and Bumble

This week’s Groomed is the second and final part of my Get the #LCM Look articles. During LC:M I was also asked to attend shows with Chalk PR and Bumble and Bumble, who were working on some of the most noted presentations on the schedule. From it’s initial founding as a hair salon in New York City in 1977, Bumble and Bumble has expanded into one of the world’s most sort after brands for hair care and styling products.

Look one: Astrid Andersen – Girly boys

Up first on the schedule was Astrid Andersen where the boys were sensitive, effeminate, but unmistakeably masculine. The hair was long and clean—these boys put the care in hair care.


Get The Look

The models wore wigs for the show, but whether you want to rock your own weave or you’re blessed with long lushous locks; to achieve this sleek look, here is how Mari Ohashi did it using Bumble and Bumble products:

  1. Prep the hair with Styling Lotion, applied liberally throughout.
  2. Then use Grooming Crème. Add through the mid-lengths and ends for natural looking smoothness, then comb Thickening Full Form Mousse into the front and top sections to ensure even textures and give lasting hold.
  3. Then blow-dry in with fingers and then finally use a flat brush to take down any softness.
  4. Next up; apply Brilliantine to the ends of the hair to add subtle separation and a hint of grit.
  5. Finally, work in a few drops of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil in to the ends to banish any frizz.

Look two: Lee Roach – Business in the front, party in the back

Up next was Lee Roach. It was a look that appeared across different LC:M shows. Slicked back and oh-so shiny with loose, spiked backs—the look was inspired by a footballer. Here’s how lead stylist Yumi Nakada Dingle used Bumble and Bumble products to achieve the look:


Get The Look

  1. Massage Semi Sumo Wax into hair then use the Tonic Lotion spray throughout, combing through from front to back.
  2. Apply liberal amounts of the Bb Gel onto hair from roots to tips.
  3. Flatten the top of the hair by hand and comb the sides with a wide-toothed comb to create a dynamic texture.
  4. Leave the centre-back loose, spiking out up to the crown.
  5. To set the look, use a hairdryer with a diffuser on a low setting.

Look Three: Hackett – The perfect gentleman

The third look I’ve chosen from the Bumble and Bumble shows was probably one of my favourites: Hackett. The lead stylist, Matt Mulhall, was tasked with working each model’s individual look. The brief was to make each look the most polished it could be. Elegant, chic and polished was the call of the day, with poetic and romantic hints. It was classic Hackett—and it was marvellous. The looks were so simple too, and easily achievable with a bit of know how. This is also (pretty much) my routine for doing my hair.


Get The Look

  1. Spritz the hair with Thickening Hairspray, concentrating on the roots.
  2. Blow-dry the hair with a hairdryer using a diffuser.
  3. Layer Sumo wax and Brilliantine into the hair and brush over the top to create a smooth, shiny appearance, with the sides pulled in tight.
  4. Finish with Classic Hairspray, sprayed over the top to hold.

Which was your favourite look? Let me know on Twitter.

Keep it tidy, boys.

- Neil Thornton

Bumble and Bumble products including all of those listed from the shows above can be found at bumbleandbumble.co.uk

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