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Ciate tweet collection

BEAUTIFY: Brocade Parade

For any readers old enough to remember the trashy 90′s fashion that putting halter necks, boob tubes and buffalo boots firmly on that map, I’m sure you are all far too familiar already with the glittery sparkly varnishes in rainbow colours that adorned our nails.

Well the trend is back (hoorah…I think) and our inner child can be let loose (again) to go wild on our talons and paint the town red (or purple, or green, or blue…)

Ciate tweet collection

Ciate, the much more demure and sophisticated brand of nail varnishes is putting nail art firmly back on the map with a range of pastel coloured sparkly varnishes which bring those 90′s vibes bang up to speed. Aimed at the fashion pack, these little bottles provide a little ray of sunshine for any outfit, certain to make you feel uplifted on these grey days and let’s face it, we all need a little pick me up in jan!

Ciate tweet collection
The range is made up of six bespoke mixes including ‘brocade parade‘ and ‘couture noir’ (how fancy), all holding creamy luxurious colour and strands of either sequins or glitter.

With influence taken from ‘Parisian chic’ there’s nothing tacky about these strokes of glitter, and at £9 a pop, the price is as classy as the bottle.
As fashion week draws closer, get your nails in tip top condition and start channelling your inner spice girl once again. Ciate is the only range this season to give you those front row worthy nails!


Words- Riannon Foster-Orr

Photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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