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Groomed: Facials For Men

When you think about it, the daily battering our faces take is amazing; from biting winds or blistering sun, to rubbing clothes, coarse tissues as we blow our noses—not to mention the constant touch of our hands. Considering the skin on our face is thinner than the rest of our body, it’s surprising most people’s faces aren’t a lot worse off.

So there is the obvious daily ritual of the moisturisers, cleansers and any other creams or serums we decide to use; simple steps to help our skin recover, protect itself, and stay looking young (fingers crossed). But what about a deep clean? Most people don’t pay enough time or attention to looking after their skin—especially the face—but it is important too that it gets a thorough working over every so often.

This is where facials come in.

Now I know some of the gents reading will have just cocked their head slightly to one side with a raised eyebrow at the word ‘facial,’ but mens ‘beauty’ treatments are becoming a popular occurrence in many salons.  Men are taking note of the benefits of walking the extra mile when it comes to their skin.

Last weekend, Peter from Ginger & Juniper invited me to experience his Signature Face Treatment: a ‘facial workout’ like no other that aimed to promote circulation, tone, and lift the facial muscles, rejuvenating the skin.


After an initial consultation, I chose to have my treatment with the aid of the new Tom Ford Grooming range. Watch this space for more on this amazing new range.


It was a blissful hour that began with a back, shoulder and neck massage:

We hold a significant amount of tension in our back, shoulders, and neck. Not unsurprisingly, this tension shows up on our faces. Even the most skilled poker face can’t hide this type of tension; therefore I always start my face treatments with a mini back & shoulder massage.

  • Peter, Ginger & Juniper

Up next was the facial massage. Peter sees his treatment as a workout for the facial muscles, increasing circulation and bringing much-need oxygenated blood and nutrients to keep the face looking its best. The massage also includes lymphatic drainage to clear the tubes (which is great for the time of year where there are lots of bugs about). The massage then moves on to a lifting and toning focus, easing tension in the jaw line and strengthening the cheeks and temples to avoid sagging.

The first item from the Tom Ford range that Peter used was the Tom Ford Cleanser. It’s designed for use with ‘normal’ and combination skin types. The cleanser was light and gentle and smelt amazing.

Once the cleanse was finished, Peter exfoliated my face using Clinique’s Exfoliation scrub. That’s not Tom Ford I hear you cry! No it isn’t, but the Tom Ford range doesn’t yet have an exfoliate, so Peter recommended this one. I love this scrub; it’s coarse and bitty and really feels like it is working at your skin. For those with more sensitive skin, a cream scrub can be used.

The next stage was the Tom Ford Mask. This mask smelt amazing; it’s a clay/bamboo/charcoal mix that dries from a deep to light green. My skin felt taught as it set but you could actually see mini dots where the mask was working and bringing out the excess oil from the skin.

While the mask was setting I was given the option of either, nodding off for 10 or a hand and arm massage. You can guess which I went for… it wasn’t a hard choice, and I was really impressed with Peter’s work ethic. He made the most of every minute and gave a truly great treatment, teaching me as he went about the products and what they did.

After the mask had been removed—a slightly more fiddly process—Peter layered on the Tom Ford Serum. This serum absorbed really quickly and left a nice matte finish; an advantage over many other greasy-looking serums. The Serum really helps hydrate your skin, acting at the deeper levels. If you’re thinking about buying this product it is pricey, we are talking three figures here, but Peter recommends it: “Best to apply at night so that it can work while you sleep. Don’t forget your neck.”

The final stages of the treatment involve the Tom Ford Moisturiser and the Tom Ford Eye Cream; two fail-safe tools for your grooming arsenal. The moisturiser, like the serum, absorbs fast and isn’t oily, while the cool tip of the eye cream applicator sooth the tired area under the eyes. I also tried some of the Tom Ford Lip Balm to round off my experience of the range; it was thick and sticky to touch but glided across the lips and smelt amazing (Did I actually just say that?).

As for aftercare, Peter left me with a little tip:

Boosting circulation to your face muscles really makes a difference in the appearance of your skin. A really simple and effective little tip to achieve this is to tap your face with the pads of your fingertips over your forehead, at the sides of your temples, on your cheekbones and along your jaw line. You don’t need to spend long doing this—30 seconds at the end of your morning regime will set you up for the day.

I have to say I was really impressed with the whole experience, Peter was the consummate professional and the whole experience was calming, relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious. And for everything that the treatment contained, especially the fact I had the entire Tom Ford range used on me, it’s a really great deal.

If you’d like to book a treatment, Peter is offering a special 20% off your first booking for Notion readers. That makes your first treatment just £65—or you can book a course of 6 for £325.

There are other treatments available too, head over to gingerandjuniper.co.uk to find out more.
You can get in touch with Peter on twitter

The Tom Ford Men’s Grooming range is available at Selfridges.com

- Neil Thornton

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