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Vintage Alpinestars SS14 Collection

With 51 years now behind them, Alpinestars have sought inspiration from the past for their latest SS14 collection. The long sleeve tees featured below echo that iconic racing jersey look made famous by legendary ‘60s riders like former world champion Roger De Coster—Alpinestars’ first client.


The Hell Raiser crewneck long sleeve tee—coming in a stark monochrome—features an audacious Alpinestars logo with the iconic chequered flag, associated with racing all over the world, patterned down each sleeve. Next,  the Innate t-shirt puts a new spin on the classic Alpinestars logo.

The Jones long sleeve tee gives a nod to Alpinestars’ home from home, the USA.  Continuing on from their 2013 American Sportswear collection, this jersey comes in a patriotic red, white and blue with stars featuring across the logo.


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