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Short Sighted Cinema

Short Sighted Cinema will be taking over Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, on the 18th of next month for their February Edition. The evening will consist of screenings of short films from the leading and emerging underground talents in film-making, alongside Q&A, a bit of booze, and some top notch cinephilic banter.

The theme for night will be ‘London Life,’ which is likely to involve delving into the depths of city living, journeying along the tracks of the tube, and the variety of life that provides for a fascinating city. A screening of The Hungry Corpse (voiced by Bill Nighy and Stephan Mangan, and directed by James Pout and Gergely Wootsch) will also take place as the main feature of the night, after which there will be a Q & A with the directors of the film. Details of the event can be found if you follow the link below:


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