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Track Premiere: Outlands – ‘New Reptiles’ (Karen Gwyer Remix)

In its original guise, ‘New Reptiles’ – the closing track from LA nocturnal RnB duo Outlands‘ debut album, Love is as Cold as Death – is nothing if not about space. In between ‘New Reptiles” jangling piano keys left to decay in the ether and stuttering beats that collide with one another and leave an imposing void behind, it’s clear to see how important the negatives are to the pair.

With her expansive remix, No Pain in Pop‘s Karen Gwyer stretches this dynamic out even further, evoking arid, moon-kissed terrain – the sort that you might imagine the track’s titular reptiles scuttering across once the sun has fallen from the sky. By upping the tempo ever so slightly and allowing countless drones to meander across ‘New Reptiles” peripheries, Gwyer perfectly conjures the thrill of the unknown. It’s a heady trip and one you’d do well to join her on.

- Alex Cull

Header Image: Rebecca Peloquin

Love is as Cold as Death is available from February 4th on LebensStrasse Records. You can pre-order it here.

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