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5 Things we Learned from the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Watching the Super Bowl from this side of the pond is always a tricky one: you don’t really understand what’s going, force yourself to stay awake during the frequent pauses in play and – like most of British watchers – only really enjoy the halftime show. Following from 2012′s (I’m refusing to conform to roman numerals) M.I.A. controversy and 2013′s Beyoncé (feat. Destiny’s Child) epic was always going to be a struggle, particularly if your most notable asset is a wardrobe full of fedoras. Or maybe it’s just the one fedora?

Here’s 5 things we learned from watching the Super Bowl Halftime show:

Bruno Mars is a lot bigger than I thought (not in height, he is actually a lot smaller than I thought)


Okay, it’s Bruno Mars. He had that really big romantic swoonsong that gives us all goosebumps, but for an artist that released his debut album in 2010, he seems to have taken a meteoric rise to fame. I mean, it’s the Super Bowl, you have to be doing something right to play one of the biggest stadium events of the year, right? Oh, and Bruno Mars is a grand total of 5 ft 5, just in case you were wondering.

Bruno Mars can do the splits


Playing the drums is really cool


And 10 times cooler when you have a high-speed moving platform.

Being 50 and shirtless is kind of depressing


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been around for a while. Anthony Kiedis and the ridiculously named bassist, Flea, are 51. That makes him the same age as my dad. While being in a rock group entitles you to certain things, I’m not sure ‘channeling Iggy Pop’ falls under that category.

Fake audience acting is the worst thing ever


WHY DOES THIS EXIST? Seriously, has iPhone culture gone so far that even an acting audience are being told to take a few Instagram photos?

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