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Fashion: “The Haute List” Cover Story

As they do over in the music department (except usually louder), we’ve been having our own debates in fashion about the brands and designers we’re rather excited about in 2014. Not the most excited about; we don’t like to be definitive (as regular readers will well know), just a few things that have caught the fashion team’s collective imagination and, in some cases, purse.  As you’ll see, it’s a lovely mix of things that we reckon have the potential to become massive, and things that we reckon you should know about. Have a flick through and see it as a taster of what we’ll be bringing you in 2014.


WORDS / Seb Law
PHOTOGRAPHY / James Moriarty
STYLING / Aaron Francis Walker
MAKEUPBunny Hazel Clarke using MAC Cosmetics
HAIRRebekah Calo using Redken
MODELSElla Bernie and Daniel Stowe @ Elite London





This Berlin-based menswear brand has been around since 2009, but it just starting to break out of the domestic market as it matures from a design point of view. Daniel Blechman, the label’s creative director, is heavily influenced by London style, which he blends with Berlin minimalism, for a refreshingly modern outcome. Luxe materials, muted colours and a refreshingly reasonable price point all conspire to make SOPOPULAR one that we’ll be looking more closely at in the coming year.





It’s always a hard balance with shoes: too trendy and your brand USP implodes waaay too quickly; too classic and it’s hard to make any penetration into an already-crowded market. Purified have got the balance down though. Based in London, Purified do a fantastic line in understated, modern footwear with a reassuringly chunky feel and decisive design flourishes. The kind of shoes that you’re always looking for, and never *quite* find, Purified are the ones for us.





Only graduating from the MA course at CSM in 2012, Faustine Steinmetz is a designer that loves to spin a yarn. Literally: she spins, dyes and weaves all her own fabric in her East London studio, and also creates fabrics out of used clothes. She uses these bespoke fabrics to reinterpret iconic pieces like Levi’s denim jackets, 501 jeans, Eastpak rucksacks and of course the classic wifebeater.  One of the standouts from a new crop of British talent.






As Aussie fashion comes into its own, thus labels like From Britten P/L are starting to emerge. Based in Melbourne, From Britten P/L is the brainchild of Alexander and Tim Britten-Finschi, and does that awesome thing of mixing sportswear and tailoring, with beautiful little details, finishes and flourishes that mark out what they’re doing as a cut above. We reckon they’re blending Neil Barrett realness with a decidedly British take on menswear and we can’t wait to see what they pull out of their immaculately-tailored bag in 2014.





With their fourth collection for Topshop (and biggest to date at a rather impressive 89 pieces), the Meadham Kirchoff boys are triumphantly placing their flag atop the peak of womenswear. Questionable metaphors aside, we’ve been fans of the way that Edward and Benjamin do things for some time now, but this Topshop collab feels like their watershed moment; it’s about time really that the tide of fashion turned in their favour, and this eclectic, colourful, unflinchingly anti-trend and supremely zippy collection has new fashion pioneers written all over it. Meadham Kirchhoff we salute you.

www.topshop.com | www.meadhamkirchoff.com




The most colourful duo at fashion week, Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle are the designers of a brand that is a riot of hues, textures, patterns and silhouettes. Thing is, it could all be a bit art-school, but in using restrained silhouettes and carefully-considered combinations, as well as a jolly dollop of punk spirit and a healthy disregard for the vicious circle of trends, Leutton Postle pull together a seasonal collection of women’s knits and accessories that always puts a happy smile on my face. What more could you ask for?





Named after Jared Diamond’s groundbreaking study of Eurasian civilisations and their dominance, GG$ is a streetwear label that is rather more than just hipster slogans on t-shirts and beanie hats. As well as superior design and quality of materials and a sideways take on the LA clubkid silhouette, GG$ elevate streetwear concepts to a new level. Their manifesto is a quote from Buckminster Fuller, no less: “we know that we are not a category; we seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process, an integral part of the universe.” Can you imagine BOY London doing that? I thought not. Keep an eye on them.





Working out of the city of Castres in France, Regain have been around since 1973, manufacturing knitwear for everyone from high-end luxury brands to the French army, navy and fire brigade to the staff at the Musée du Louvre.  2013 was the first year that they manufactured knitwear for the open consumer market under their own name, and what fantastic news: with so much experience of making quality, durable knitwear, Regain’s design flair is grounded in their extensive knowledge of knitwear techniques and is bloody fantastic. We fully expect the Regain jumper to eclipse the sweatshirt for 2014. You heard it here first.





As much as we’d love to say we’re over Scandinavian brands, we’re SO not. In those rare moments that we have a few spare seconds in the office, we’re logging onto obscure Danish websites armed with Google Translate and an up-to-the-minute idea of the Krone conversion rate. Soulland is the latest menswear brand to catch our eye, with their playful approach to pattern and sportswear, and a line of perfectly-cut sweatshirts, Ts and suiting. Get your Soulland on and join us in the Scandi club; you won’t regret it.





Oh Katie, we love you. From the awesome lobster-prints on her sweatshirts to the flamingo palette of her most recent shows, the fabulous Ms Eary is flying high and we reckon it’s about time she got the recognition she deserves. Thing is, while we equate often think of her as the go-to designer for fucking awesome print pieces, she’s also a talented tailor: witness this perfectly-tailored winter coat that blends Klingon and couture seamlessly.




Our Haute List 2014 feature originally appeared in our digital issue, available to download on iPhone or iPad here.

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