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Embrace the Weekend: 07/02/14

It’s Friday, the weekend is nearing and all we can think about is the next bass-inducing night to send us into a careless state of electronic euphoria. To truly complete the full feeling of intoxicating soundscapes, we’re going to need a playlist to guide us through the overflowing realms of varying BPM. Thankfully, Dan Mac knows just how to navigate the producer heavy industry and has served up his pick for the best 10 artists he has been listening to this month. Let this be the soundtrack to your weekend:

1. Eagles & Butterflies – Spread Your Wings Part.3 (Spread Your Wings) (10/02)

This guy never fails to impress me thanks to his somewhat off-center but always fascinating way of working. A real producer’s producer, I’m expecting to hear a lot more from him over the next few months.

2. Origins Sound – Detroit Cuts (Definition)

These young guns from Bath prove that there’s far more to the city than Roman ruins. On the contrary, these three cuts are more made with the Motor City in mind!

3. Makam – Aime (Sushitech)
Makam is a Dutch producer who I’ve been following closely since he did THAT brilliant remix of Boris Werner’s ‘Set It Off’. His debut for the always reliable Sushitech imprint is just as you’d imagine: bold, daring, suspense filled and a real treat from the first beat to the last.

4) Doos – Hookers & Dips (Svogue)
Ok, the name isn’t the best, but if you judge a book by its cover then you’re bound to miss out when quality house music is concerned. This one straddles the genres like few others I’ve encountered of late, which makes it more than worth of a place in my chart for this month.

5) Alexander Harris – Mysterious Caves of Donbass (Parallel) (14/02)

Not much is known about this Ukraine cat, save for the fact that he’s part of the Artreform imprint round that way. Anyway, one of the things I love so much about electronic music is the fact that it’s not necessarily the most heralded guys who make the best tracks. The A-side on this EP is a real deep groover, so fingers crossed it’ll get the attention it merits.

6) Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)

As anyone who’s a fan of Ricardo Villalobos can attest, it’s an understatement to say he blows hot and cold. This recent remix, however, is straight up heat. Just when we had Ricardo written off . . . he draws us back in. Amazing work that rivals even his most renowned remixes from the likes of Beck and Depeche Mode. Those vocals!

7) Rhythm Operator – No More Games (Vicario)

These guys aren’t playing games here, that’s for sure. Revivalist house of a serious persuasion, it’s the Urulu mix that takes the lion’s share of the plaudits for me.

8) Lex Newton – Let Me In Your Heart (Electronical Reeds)

This up-and-coming Belgian really does his rep no harm here at all. My shout is the last track, ”Da Fat Love Dub” of ”Take On Me”. Like all the best electronic music, it’s really emotive stuff that leaves you gasping for more.

9) Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Head High Remix) (50 Weapons)

I love everything that Head High AKA Shed does, and this is no exception. While it probably doesn’t fall in line with my usual fare, that’s probably why I adore it like I do. The synths coursing through this track would make even the most hard-faced individual weep. Simply gorgeous – and a side of Shed we don’t always see…

10) Dense & Pika – Colt (Hotflush)

Glimpse has been on my radar for years, but when he’s in this kind of form, he’s hard to look past. I prefer him when he’s donning the techno hat mind, and Alex Jones from Hypercolour is worthy of praise here too. Who’s Dense and who’s Pika though?

- Dan Mac

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