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BOTW Video Premiere: LAW – ‘Haters’

“It’s just a business I’m new to/go ahead bring your crews too.” There couldn’t be a better kick-off than ‘Haters‘ for fast-rising soulstress Lauren Holt’s debut EP as LAW, Haters & Gangsters. Everything about the track feels like a call-to-arms, a hand planted firmly on the shoulder guiding you into the entrancing world of the Edinburgh-based vocalist’s raw reconstruction of modern pop and hip-hop.

Unsurprisingly then, ‘Haters” accompanying clip perfectly matches its source material in its direct, blemishes-and-all approach to art. Comprised of grainy, lo-fi footage of Holt herself repping against a brick wall, applying make-up and, at one particularly intriguing moment, appearing out of the static of an antiquated television. The latter instance serving as an especially enrapturing moment: Holt coming out of the VHS fuzz like a dystopian prophet, preaching her tenets of ripping apart the fabric of pop and emerging with something far more honest, fun and relatable too.

- Alex Cull

The Haters & Gangsters EP is available for free download, via Soundcloud, here.

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