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Groomed: King of Shaves introduces the Hyperglide razo

The revolution is here (and it doesn’t come with lube). But surprisingly enough it doesn’t hurt like you’d think.

As you may have gathered, I’m talking about the shaving revolution (you got that, right?).

In an industry that is monopolised by two major brands, Gillete and Wilkinson Sword, challenger brand King of Shaves has released a new razor that is missing one iconic attribute that has been synonymous with the afformentioned brands and shaving in general for decades, the lubrastrip.


The Hyperglide razor features a brand new (patented I might add) superhydrophilic, self-lubricating cartridge that creates its own slippery HydroGel over the entire front shaving surface when it comes into contact with water. That’s it; just add water – no shaving foams, gels or oils. Now, seeing that Will King, founder of King of Shaves has built his empire off of the original Prime, Shave, Protect regime of products, the brand does still say that additional products will ensure the best possible shave and prolong the cartridge’s life (well, they don’t want to make the rest of the company lines obsolete now do they?). But I say poppy cock to that, I was going to test the Hyperglide eau natural as God and/or King of Shaves intended it.

The first test was a fully submerged bathtime shave. Using the hot bath water the Hyperglide ran across my skin with ease, it never snagged or pinched and left me with an incredible close and comfortable shave. Impressive.

(Now, for the many guys who I know do this, and are wondering if I did while in the bath – the answer is yes, I did and no, it didn’t hurt there are now totally smooth!)

But, I thought, this was technically cheating slightly as being in a hot bath my skin was about as saturated with water is it could ever be, what about regular, get-up-and-go pre-work shaves?


Test two came a short while later (after re-growth). For the second test I simply squared up to the bathroom sink, splashed warm water on my neck and face, ran the razor under the tap and started to shave. I wasn’t disappointed. Apart from a couple of barely noticeable, non-painful snags the Hyperglide acted as promised and the patented cartridge became super slippery and glided over my skin and also in multiple angles/directions. I got the same close and comfortable shave from before.

The Hyperglide also features a handy flexible head for maximum movement and comfort while shaving. There’s also a handle one-push cartridge release for when you need to swap.

There is a trimming blade on the back for edging and lining in facial hair. If I had any issue with the Hyperglide then this is probably the only thing, it just simply wasn’t very effective. After going over areas a couple of times I still found myself needing to go to an electrical razor to really perfect my beard line. But like I said, this is if I ‘had’ to find fault.


The set also comes with a handy protective blade cover and wall sucker are also included.

Overall I was really impressed with this razor and I think it holds King of Shaves golden potential for finally taking a much larger chunk of the Gillete/Wilkinson Sword £315m annual UK turnover. I personally, when it comes to wet shaving, can’t see myself using any other razor as this was just too damn simple and effortless.

The King of Shaves Hyperglide is available now Boots.com for £9.99 for the razor with one cartridge, wall sucker and blade cover and £9.99 for a pack of three replacement cartridges.

Find out more about the Hyperglide and other King of Shaves products at Shave.com

- Neil Thornton

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