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BOTW Playlist: LAW

We’ve spent a lot of time this week talking about how ascendant Edinburgh songwriter Lauren Holt, aka LAW, has been revitalising pop, soul and hip-hop by deconstructing all three genres and reforming them into strange – and wonderful – new shapes. Her knack for doing so is hardly something that can have come overnight. Rather, it must have taken years of study, practice and getting to know one’s heritage in order to be able to pull it off with such aplomb.

Naturally then, we couldn’t resist asking the fiery vocalist to walk us through a mini-history of her most influential music: a list that ranges from the equally playful and quick-witted Stephen Malkmus’ Pavement through to post-millennial party-starters Dizzee and Wiley, and on to legendary jazz firebrand Charles Mingus.

But first, as a reminder of why we’re so in love with LAW, here’s ‘Haters’:

Pavement – ‘Summer Babe (Winter Version)’

“So much soul in lo-fi.”

Otis Redding – ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too long’

“Listen to the heart burst out on that note.”

Young Fathers – ‘Paying’

“No video at the moment, you’ll just need to wise up and get the LP, then you’ll see.”

Charles Mingus – ‘Devil Woman’

“What a beautiful atmosphere, sums up the idea of taste.”

Claudette – ‘Queen of the World’

“She just is!”

Kelis – ‘I Want Your Love’

“How sexy should be.”

Pazy and the Black Hippies – ‘Come Back Home’

“A rare piece of Nigeria found in an Edinburgh record shop.”

Deerhunter – ‘Desire Lines’

“Imagine the Ronettes doing this.”

Eminem – ‘Infinite’

“To be on this at the time would have been exciting.”

Bright Eyes – ‘Take It Easy (Love Nothing)’

“Bright Eyes goes electronic, brilliantly.”

Count Bass D – ‘Subwoofer’

“Found Count Bass D through his feature on MF Doom’s Mm Food album.”

Nicodemus – ‘Computer, Knife and Fork’

“Trojan box sets always serve you well.”

Outkast – ‘Da Art of Storytellin’ (Pt. 1)’

“Andre’s verse just kills it, from the album Aquemini.”

Wanda Robinson – ‘My Father Is Dying’

“So much power in vulnerability.”

Lou Reed – ‘Street Hassle’

“Like many others I’ve recently rediscovered Lou Reed, he never disappoints.”

Dizzee Rascal & Wiley – ’2 Far’

“Wiley is incredible on this.”

- Alex Cull

Header Image: David P Scott

LAW’s debut EP, Haters & Gangsters, is available for free download, via Soundcloud, here.

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