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Now Hear This: 16/02/14

We’re not really about lists. We like longform interviews and in-depth analysis; wordy think-pieces and lengthy reports. But that’s partly because we’re music-loving writers and there’s nothing we love more than the sound of a keyboard clacking satisfyingly with the sound of our own thoughts. Hey, at least we’re honest. We also know that not everyone that reads the site is up for 1200 meaty words on an artist’s development; some of you are here to get a quick bite of musical brilliance, so we’ve decided to institute a new weekly feature: Now Hear This. Harking back to TV’s Top of the Pops, we’re pulling together a list of tracks that we think are worthy of your time, or have received a terrifying amount of airplay on our office stereo. Old hits, fresh tracks, must-see-videos and obscure classics: Now Hear This is where we offer up our tunes of the week. We hope you enjoy it…

[Words: Alex Cull (AC), James Embiricos (JE), Alex Lee Thomson, (ALT), Alim Kheraj (AK), 'Pablo' Moya Kettell (PMK) and Seb Law (SL).]

Kiesza – ‘Hideaway’ (Gorgon City remix)

Set your hypometers to frenzy. Kiesza’s ‘Hideaway’ set the blogosphere ablaze a few weeks back with its smooth amalgamation of deep house, RnB and outright pop credentials. Now, remixed by that buzziest of production duos Gorgon City, you can expect another wave of digital melee. The fact that this currently sits outside of the Hypem top 50 is a travesty. Internet, I thought you knew better.​-AC

Thief – ‘Closer’

It’s hard to feel all gloomy about getting fucked over when you have a breakup soundtrack as pop-fueled as this. It’s like watching Annie Hall – you know, a heavy serving of misery but with just enough satire to pick yourself up – only with ‘Closer’, the satire is replaced with a slice of disjointed electro, blending seamlessly with PJ Harvey’s falsetto.-JE

Klaxons – Children of the Sun

Well, you can tell Klaxons are getting a bit excited about summer aren’t they. In this stadium-fodder of a track – their second new one in as many weeks – they’ve practically put the tent up, drank a warm case of car beers, got pilled up and are now stood shoulder to shoulder with you, fag in hand as it points towards the lasers. It’s a hipster attempt at Muse, and that’s actually pretty fucking okay.-ALT

Lauren Aquilina- Lovers or Liars

Powerful, rousing pop with a deliciously singalongable chorus from the fabulous, recently-signed-to-a-major-label Ms Aquilina.-SL

Betty Who – ‘Heartbreak Dream’

For those of you who enjoy your pop served pure, Betty Who is here with an absolute corker. ‘Heartbreak Dream’ is a deceptively unromantic smack-bang-wallop of stadium sized vocals and synthesizers. Betty Who taps into the magic of melancholia dressed as euphoric pop, which is absolutely the best kind.-AK

Cashy – Wrong Way

In an alternate dimension, Andi Peters might have got his purple drank on and conjured this new life as a squeaky-voiced rapper flossing the streets of Miami. “Don’t come at me wrong” he says, before letting you know only the rawest survive his intimate threats of guns, plants, and Sunday night television.-PMK

We Are Catchers – ‘Tap Tap Tap’

This is what the Beach Boys might have sounded like had Christopher Owens time-travelled back to ’60s Cali, beat Brian Wilson over the head with his own Mellotron, and cordoned the remaining members into Phil Elverum’s [note: not Spector's] studio. So, all in all, pretty great.-AC

Kelis – ‘Rumble’

Frankly you don’t have time not to listen to Kelis. With every second you’re getting closer to death, and you need this bitch in your life. Why? Because she’s a crazy lady that’s been allowed to release music, and it’s always going to be a bit freaky. Case and point, this is a long way from ‘Milkshake’ and her insane live pop shows, but still dangerously sexy. Oh, and it’s a dusty soul song as well. Who knew!?-ALT

Karen O AND Ezra Koenig – ‘Moon Song’

It’s always nice when Karen O takes a subdued and lighter approach to her music. Much like the songs she created for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are, ‘Moon Song’ is a delicate and well-wrought love song with the melodic sensibilities of a lullaby. Featuring vocals from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, this quaint duet is sure to set hearts a flutter and a tear in the eye.-AK

Meanwhile – ‘Luvletta’

Filthy, funky filth-funk, in the mould of Jamie Lidell’s electronica twiddle-laden takes on Prince. Bassy and fabulous – with an ‘80s AM radio breakdown that I can’t get enough of.-SL

Pure X – ‘Starlight’

‘Starlight’, the first track to emerge from Texan four-piece Pure X’s third album Angel, largely eschews the cathartic implosions of last year’s Crawling up the Stairs. Instead, we’re presented with something subtler, but equally full-bodied. It could almost be a twisted mirror on the RnB ballad were it not for the celestial gaze it feels constantly fixated on.-AC

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