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NEWS: BEE’s Roll-up Wander Jacket

It seems that functional fashion is all the rage this year and BEE are here to deliver just that. Their new limited edition outwear collection is perfect for this wet and dreary season. One jacket from the collection particularly got us going: the roll-up wander jacket. With this jacket, BEE have taken city inspired design and created one of the most functional, compact jackets we’ve seen. Featuring a removable storm panel, an interior umbrella pocket (!) and non-crease fabric and leather detailing, this jacket is not only stylish, but allows you to actually roll it up for ease and portability. I know there’s been many a time I’ve shoved my jacket into a bag on a night out, and this would save from that unsightly drama in the queue for the cloak room. Brava!

Autumn-stroller-overcoat-1000x1000 Autumn-stroller-overcoat-1000x1000-02

- Alim Kheraj

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