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Moodboard: Salt Ashes

When I first heard Salt Ashes, aka Veiga Sanchez, I fell immediately in love. It happens a few times a year that I find a song so incredibly amazing that my brain can’t focus on anything else. While she was touted as sounding like Kylie (which is no bad thing), Salt Ashes is sonically more akin to Kate Bush via Giorgio Moroder, with a travelling band consisting of the Scissor Sisters. There is a moody, almost sinister quality that permeates Salt Ashes vocals; calling you in only to trap and enthral you.

The 22-year-old, hailing from Brighton, has been slowly building up her own catalogue of songs. Her debut single, ‘Somebody’ is a dark synth pop moment, full of arpeggiators and disco strings. Sanchez’s breathy vocals complement the stabbing bass as your mind moves from disco lights to dimly lit house parties; the cooing hook “somebody take me away” seductively grabbing your metaphorical hand and dragging you to the nearest exit. It is, without doubt, pure pop perfection, and I’m besotted.

So, take a listen to ‘Somebody’ below (if you don’t you’re a fool), and keep reading to see what is that Salt Ashes is obsessed with, and inspired by (it includes liquorice and Studio 54! WHAT A BABE).

1. Capes/hoods
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“I love anything with a cape ,   I love pulling my hood up and hiding , I like looking Sinister and mysterious in a nice black cape”

2. Liquorice
2 SA

“It’s like eating treacle and latex , it smells amazing and cures everything, I eat it everyday and can’t live without it.”

3. Book: 1984 by George Orwell
3 SA

“I just re-read this recently , such an amazing story, my songs are often about betrayal and the hiding of feelings or escape,  I love visions of the future. Or in this case the future past.”

4. Ableton Controller
6 SA

“We love using Ableton live to run all our tracks , it’s an amazing and instinctive programme and I love the new controller, it looks like a disco when it’s all lit up.”

5. Big chunky Silver Skeleton themed jewellry
5 SA

“I love oversized jewellry and I’m really into bones and strange skulls and chunky designs.”

6. Music: Daniel Avery Drone Logic

“An amazing forward thinking dance record, it has such wonderful textures and bass sounds. He’s a master of swell and build and the whole record is so musical. Love it.”

7. Drive Soundtrack and Movie
7 SA

“I love the mood and Visual tone of the movie , the nocturnal widescreen feel and futuristic city vibes and the soundtrack really locks it down it’s a masterpiece.”

8. Studio54
8 SA

“If there’s one place I wish I had visited it’s the famed disco inferno that was Studio 54, the music the glamour and seedy nature of the place, I try to imagine it and put that excitement into my own music.”

9. Bass Players – Bootsy Collins
9 SA

“I love bass lines and I love Bass players , I love the funk.”

10. Really amazing High Heels
image 10

“Life without great shoes would not be worth living , I like the way they make me feel and I like to dance and fall over on stage in them.”

‘Somebody’ is out now via Night Beach Records

Visit Salt Ashes on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud

- Alim Kheraj

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