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Review: Crowdpleaser ‘Nenekri Remixé’

DJ Crowdpleaser released his debut album back in 2011. One track on that collection, ‘NENEKRI’,  garnered serious underground plays and some stella feed back from some of the worlds top DJs including, Duke Dumont, Paul Woolford and Brodinski. Featuring unique vocals from Burkina Faso native, Wamian Kaïd, the track was remixed by the likes of Mickey Moonlight, creating a jerk-acid remix. Yet, for some begotten reason, the track fell, undeservedly, under the radar.

However, the track has been re-dubbed and re-released as mulch-culti dance makes a come back in a big way. The dub version is gives the track the perfect afterhours/early hours treatment it deserves, while Kalabrese’s remix gets a new DJ edit that is perfect for any floor-filling antics. Lastly, but by no means least, Angelo Cruzman and Thomas Von Party give you a festival ready, sun-is-rising moment of morning light bliss. This EP is certainly a world defying, multi-national and cultural experiment that pays off.

The EP is available now!

- Alim Kheraj

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