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Review: Rhythm Operator – No More Games EP

If classically inclined house music is your thing, then this EP on Mexican label Vicario Musique will be right up your street. Produced by Rhythm Operator, who is a little known talent from LA, it comes with three remixes that all tweak for slightly different purposes.

The bets of the lot might be the remix by Casual Encounters which strips back some of the original vocal and layers in more wavy grooves, lush chords and neon synth lines. It’s warm and humid and perfect for early evening dancing. The original version is more blatantly retro with its proper diva house vocal and poised M1, MK like bassline. Sebastien Vorhaus & 4004 go for an even more bassline driven take on the track, while Urulu, also from LA, turns in the most curious and experimental of the lot. His version has odd percussive sounds at its core and remains firmly under the surface throughout. House music to make you feel good, this EP is well produced and comes from a place of real musical love.

Listen to the Urulu remix of No More Games below:

Rhythm Operator’s No More Games EP is available on reasonably priced music store Beatport.

- Dan Mac

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