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News: DENT de MAN #SS14

DENT de MAN are committed to bringing you their unique style of classic and modern styles, as well as their love of vintage print designs. The brand ethos is centrailsed around traditional textiles; Batik fabrics are adorned with Javanese patterns, created using a wax block printing technique. This adaptation of ancient printing techniques and contemporary designs creates distinct, elegant and understated pieces.

For their SS14 collection, DENT de MAN have created a combination of ornate prints and simple tailoring, with statement Java prints creating an opportunity for the wearer to tailor pieces to their personality. The motifs have been placed on each silhouette to compliment classic tailoring, while the designs are both vintage with highlights of new-traditionalism. Likewise, the pallet plays towards summery sophistication, with floral prints in blood orange, and electric splashes of green. The aim is to create a daytime look that immediately impacts, yet remains effortlessly charming.

Check some of the collection below:

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- Alim Kheraj

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