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#LFW AW14: Backstage at Marques’ Almeida

It’s 7.30am, the sun is (reluctantly) shining, and I (even more reluctantly) got out of bed before it rose. However, the walk across the bridge from St Paul’s to Tate Modern is beautiful enough to remind myself that this is worth the early wake up call.

Held in the Topshop space in Tate Modern, the Marques’ Almeida backstage feel is busy, and hot- very hot. Multiple hair dryers are purposefully messing up the models hair and drying gel. But among the swirl of heat and hairspray- I see Terry Barber carefully painting a bright- almost neon- blue coloured MAC chromaline pot onto a models’ eyes.

I walk over and ask for some more information. What’s the jam?

The girls are like a street tribe, post rave. Ah I see. They’ve got very bare skin, a light natural blush and some lip balm. The deliberately non perfect eye colour on eyes and lips works with all the denim in the collection- if the make up was too airbrushed and precise it would look a little too 80s. Very eighties. There’s also lots of grey denim in the collection, and primary colours work really well with this and the chalky texture to the colour in the make up brings them together. It’s oddly very technical to be so untechnical though, even the red lips is taken down from the edge and powdered so it looks a bit dislodged. I wanted it to be a modern way of wearing bright colours for the modern girl- almost an accidental bright colour.

Have the paint pot colours been chosen to match the models’ eye colour? There’s four colours being used – blue, yellow, green and red- and some match the model’s outfit, some clash. The frayed edge on the eye is like the classic frayed denim in Marques’ Almeida collections.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau








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Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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