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BOTW Premiere: Tensnake – ‘Love Sublime’ (Ewan Pearson remix)

You only have to look at the accompanying clip for Tensnake‘s Nile Rodgers and Fiora-featuring ‘Love Sublime’ to get a sense of the nocturnal themes at play in the track. The video, which focuses in on the wonder of a city’s after hours away from the club circuit, perfectly matched the sensuous, slinky nature of ‘Love Sublime’ itself, which is to say it draws you in seductively and refuses to allow you a moment’s looking away.

On his percolating, haunting reworking, English remixer-extraordinaire Ewan Pearson subverts the original’s dewy-eyed romancing into something far more ghostly and unnerving, but its final outcome remains largely the same. While Rodgers immaculate guitar sections are now supplemented with resonant Burial-esque sirens and techno synth patterns, the end result is just as enticing. It’s a darker night, sure, but it’s still one you won’t forget easily.

- Alex Cull

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