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EP Premiere: Oscar Key Sung – ‘Holograms’

A quick Google of Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung reveals a palette of electronic production that spans between minimalist R&B (Oscar + Martin) to an unclassified genre of, let’s say, glitchy hip-hop (Brothers Hand Mirror). It’s on his debut solo EP, however, that a blended concoction of these traits are so mesmerically warped. It’s the audible equivalent of the midnight fridge raid; grabbing sandwich fillers from the depths of forgotten shelves and whacking them all into stomach growling perfection.

Where Holograms is refined and subtle, it also jumps out with moments of infectious warbling (listen to ‘All I Could Do’ for one head-nodding example), again blending those R&B croons with flickering production. If the digital age is being pioneered with a new brand of alt-R&B producers-cum-vocalists, we’re hoping that it’s going to sound a lot like this.

You can listen to the Holograms EP in its entirety below:

- James Embiricos

The EP will be released through Two Bright Lakes on 3rd March.

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