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News: Converse Sneakers Clash

At one point or another nearly everyone has owned a pair of Converse. These legendary shoes have become a staple in today’s fashion conscious society. For SP14 Converse have taken their classic design and given them an update, with pops of colour and elevated silhouettes; archive prints and colour blocking providing a bright and exuberant collection. The All Star Chuck ’70s, the iconic American shoe, has been released with two prints that have never been seen on a Chuck Taylor All Star, striking camo and zebra patterns. There will also be six of the original 1972 colours in both high and ox silhouettes, all made with heavy grade canvas uppers and a smaller toe box.

To celebrate the launch of these shoes, Converse have done something rather special across London. Today, the Wall of Clash is unveiled at The Old Vinyl Factory, the former home of EMI in Hayes. The wall clashes local street artists on two huge walls, challenging them to create their most visually arresting and creative work on the dull walls to expose the spirit of the old vinyl factory. The artists, Remi Rough and System (Agents of Change), will battle on the wall with their clashing styles, all the while producing what is set to be London’s biggest mural.

Here are three examples of the shoes, because why not?

G11529-CT219U-14S02 G11530-CT220U-14S03 G10676-CT219U-14S02All of this is happening right now, so get yourself down to The Old Vinyl Factory, and check out the new Spring 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection at Offspring.

- Alim Kheraj

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