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Groomed: Liz Earle skincare for Men

Liz Earle’s men’s Skincare range offers a no-fuss solution to your routine clean.

It’s not that often I get super excited and slightly obsessive about a particular range – you may think that odd being a Grooming Editor, but my love of all things men’s grooming related means I enjoy flittering between and trying new products.

But when I tried Liz Earle’s men’s range for the first time I became instantly hooked. That was over 4 months ago and I am still using it as part of my everyday and weekly routines. The men’s range is split into Cleanse, Shave and Moisturise, Scrub and Body Wash with additional accessories and travel kits available.

A couple of the Liz Earle products have appeared in Groomed before over Christmas as part of the gifting guides, but I wanted to give you the run down of the full range and put it to practice, showing you how I use them.

My Daily Bread

Up first is the Cleanse & Polish – now this is actually part of the original women’s range but with a new, masculine makeover – adapted fragrances and, like with the rest of the range, a simple and inoffensive body.

Liz Earle Cleanse and PolishLiz Earle Cleanse & Polish from £14.75

This plant-based cleanser works in two stages, first comes the cleansing – the rich, creamy texture smooth across the skin and removes dirt. Phase two is, yes you’ve guessed it, polishing (see what they did with the name?). You use the pure muslin cloth to remove the dirt and grime from your skin leaving it soft and looking great.

I use Cleanse & Polish daily before bed – you can use it morning and night, but I tend to think that’s too much with anything, you don’t want to strip away too much of your natural oil. Plus, unless you don’t wash your sheets regularly or wash off gel from your hair before bed, your skin should stay pretty clean.  Once I have applied the cream I run the muslin cloth under warm –to-hot water then rub onto my skin in circular motions using my finger to apply pressure. Polish one area of your face at a time, then rinse under the water before moving on.

A Close Shave

When it comes to shaving, the Liz Earle men’s range offers a two-step solution.  Up first is the Sensitive Shave Cream, which contains, the aptly named, shave grass and eucalyptus to soothe and calm the skin and prevent razor burn.

Liz Earle Sensitive Shave CreamLiz Earle Sensitive Shave Cream from £11.50

Once you’ve achieved your close shave it’s time to apply the After-shaving Moisturiser. Filled with self-heal extract, borage oil and natural source Vitamin E, this moisturiser is super light and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It can easily double up as your daily fix, not just for after shaving.

Liz Earle After Shaving MoisturiserLiz Earle After-shaving Moisturiser from £18.25

And on the third day he…scrubbed

The Liz Earle Face Scrub is honestly one of the best scrubs I have ever used. I love facial scrubs – the feeling of massaging it in and how your skin looks and feels once you wash it off. The scrub is designed to help clear blocked pores and bumps and contains eucalyptus essential oil, plus exfoliating pumice and jojoba beads giving it a nice gritty texture. Sensitive skin types are best to avoid this one.

Liz Earle Face ScrubLiz Earle Face Scrub from £13.75

I use the Face Scrub every three days, so roughly twice a week, and I used it after the Cleanse & Polish or after shaving. If you use it after shaving it’s best not to be to harsh when rubbing it in as you may aggravate your skin.

Body and Soul

The last part of my Liz Earle routine is the Face and Body Wash. The wash looks a little oily but isn’t on the skin, it contains natural foaming agents and it’s gentle enough to use on any skin and won’t dry it out. My favourite thing about this wash is the fragrance, namely the bergamot and vetiver combo – two of my favourite scents.

Liz Earle Face and Body washLiz Earle Face and Body Wash from £5.25

The Face and Body Wash can be used daily. Simply work into a lather on wet skin the rinse thoroughly.

You can find out a bit more about the Liz Earle range by watching the video below:

Have you ever something from the Liz Earle men’s range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below, or click here to let me know on Twitter.

Liz Earle’s Skincare for Men is available at uk.Lizearle.com

Words by Neil Thornton

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