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News: Angel Haze x Bastille – ‘Weapon’

Angel Haze and Bastille have been working together – Say WHAT!? The two artists are on tour atm, and have obviously found some time to record some sweet music. One such song, ‘Weapon’, is a departure for Bastille, as the song sees Haze take front of stage. It’s a dark affair, with a powerful baseline and even fiercer drums. In this fan recorded clip, we see Haze’s captivating performance, as her and former Notion cover star, Dan from Bastille, play off of each other. You should check this out, as it’s pretty special.

Did I also mention that Angel Haze is our cover star this month? No, well she is and it’s fan-fucking-tastic. You can order your copy of the new edition of Notion Magazine right here.

- Alim Kheraj

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