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BEAUTFIY: It’s time for a RENaissance

We’ve found a new skincare brand, and we kind-of-really-are-totally-in-love-with-it.


REN skincare may not be a new brand to many of you, since being launched in 2000 it’s products have become cult beauty heros- and now we see why! With a philosophy-come-motto of Performance, Purity, Pleasure- we’re all in. Which means you’re using 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients, that actually work and are a pleasure to do so. Win, win and win.


Our favourite products? They have to be the Glycolactic Radiance Mask, £30 and the new Hot Cloth Cleanser, £16. The cleanser (which come with a perfectly face-sized flannel) is perfect for taking all your make up off at the end of the day without irritating the skin, the rose soothes and calms the skin- perfect for city dwellers. The Glycolactic mask is a great one to use once a week, with a jam like texture (sounds weird, is kinda weird but also kinda fun) gives your skin a real boost in terms of brightness. No more dull, mid week, stressed out skin. Nu-uh.


And we’ve got a plethora of other favourites, such as the Emollient Rescue Cream, the Omega 3 Serum Oil and the Rose Moisture Defence Oil- all perfect for soothing wind-beaten and heating ridden skin. Plus, they’ve just bought out the day version of a REN cult classic- the V-Cense Day Cream, £28 (which you can also see in our new issue- out now!)


One of the most amazing things about this brand is the prices. For such high quality, high performance (and damn good packaging #sorrynotsorry) products the fact you can buy many of the products for less than £20 seems like a gift from God. Here, have great skin without breaking you budget. Well I’ll take that then- it’s time for a skin RENaissance.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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