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Musogyny: Foxy Ladies?

Everyone knows it’s a man’s world out there (thanks James Brown), but there is none more so than the big bad world of music. From Miley’s twerking to Sinead’s slut shaming, these last months have seen an upward trajectory in the debate around gender issues within music.

Rest assured that we here at Planet Notion will be keeping a keen eye on all things sexism. And there may even be some naming and shaming along the way…

Following the trend of marketing things for young empowered women comes The Fox Problem, a bubbly new YouTube channel focused entirely on generation X.

An online broadcast akin to seminal Pop World, it sees some of entertainment’s brightest stars unite in a vintage Victorian tunnel for chitchat and plenty of “#LOLZ”.

This week’s installment turned to feminism, taking on the ever-bold theme of Girl Power, and saw presenters Gemma Cairney and Georgia La lead pandemonium through one chardonnay drenched hour.

Spice Girl, Mel C, and Kenickie turned ‘Queen of the Airwaves’ Lauren Laverne joined cocktail barman Ollie (of Made in Chelsea fame) as fourth wave feminism was dissected in front of a live audience.

Also present was a quiet Eliza Dolittle propping up the bar, token ‘lad’ Example making lewd comments, and John Newman, who managed to scoff at the idea of identifying as a feminist in his opening remark to a chorus of boos.

In a moment of clarity, Mel C metaphorically stood up and gave some clued up insight into what the ‘Girl Power’ phrase meant to the nineties icons who coined it, saying “Girl Power to us was really about women and girls doing exactly what they wanted, strength in being an individual, not letting anything hold you back, going for your dreams and supporting each other because I think women also have a reputation for not helping each other out and we wanted to change that… for me Girl Power is stronger than it was in the nineties.”

Lauren Laverne also chipped in with some feminism music history and sensible sisterly advice from her experience of being in male dominated studios -“you’ve just got to be brave haven’t you?”- but that was where the hard hitting ended and the offhand comments started…

(Notwithstanding the excellent appearance of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, who with all their boob grappling are making the world a better place with every early diagnosis.)

For example, after John Newman honestly admitted that if he were a girl for the day he would spend it having a poke around downstairs, he announced that he’d have to shave “it for the first five minutes” as if you are going to wank “it’s got to be enjoyable.”

In our eyes, the girl in the audience who indignantly heckled “Shave what?!” deserves a medal… or at the very least a retweet.

Carrying on the spirit of Girl Power, Example went on to offer his insight into what Spice Girl he thought was the best looking, quickly agreeing with a twitter user that Mel C had “aged the best” and then later slipped in a “CoppaFeel” joke with Georgia La.

Whilst the programme went some way to fuel further debate and was thought provoking in places, the clangers chipped away at the concept. After all, if feminism was more at the forefront, we doubt the Daily Mail would have ran with Mel C’s exercise regime in their write up the next day.

- Sarah Joy

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