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Groomed: Product of the Month – Fudge Blow Dry Hair Putty

If you’re looking a an all-in-one product to get your day going quicker, then Fudge’s Blow Dry Hair Putty could be the answer.

I was introduced to the Blow Dry Hair Putty by the girls at Fudge during LC:M, but I didn’t actually get round to using it until a while after. After one use I was having the ‘how did I live without this before?’ moment. I have thick hair, I have curly hair, I also have shaved back and sides with an undercut on top. So for my hair to look anything other than a bird’s nest it requires maintenance. This usually also means taking the hair up and with a thick/curly combo texture, this can be a chore.

Using Fudge’s Blow Dry Hair Putty is really simple; you just apply it to towel tried hair, being sure to work it into the roots. Then, with a round brush for added volume, you style your hair into shape with a hair dryer. The putty is light and not overly sticky which is a bonus so it’s pleasant to work with, the fragrance is also a lot milder than original Fudge hair products so you don’t feel like you want to eat it. Just me?

The Blow Dry Hair Putty is a matte finish, medium hold product that can be used to style or finish a look while the kaolin and carnauba wax lock in moisture. You may wish to add a final coat of hair spray to keep styles in place if you’re in for a long haul day or night, try the Fudge Skyscraper hair spray; it even comes in little travel size for just over four pound, which makes it the perfect partner for the putty in your kit bag.

Fudge Skyscraper

To give yourself a better idea of how to style your look with Fudge’s Blow Dry Hair Putty then check out their ’15 Seconds With Fudge’ tutorial.  But I warn you now; it’s a little cringe, in a fun way.

Fudge’s Blow Dry Hair Putty is available now at Fudge.com priced at £10.45

- Neil Thornton

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